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At Progress Driver Training we have installed the VideoDrive System as a driver training aid and have found the benefits of recorded lessons have been quite exceptional for learner drivers and ADI trainees alike. By simply bringing a standard VHS tape to your driving lesson, you can have a copy of your lesson for home study absolutely FREE.

What is VideoDrive?

The system consists of two small digital colour day and night vision cameras, the first is mounted inside the front windscreen just behind the rear view mirror and provides a panoramic view of the road ahead. The second is mounted on the ceiling of the car just behind the driver and passenger seats and provides an internal view of what the driver is doing at the wheel, i.e. mirror checks, use of controls etc. It also provides a view of the road ahead and can be moved in order to highlight difficult junctions, views to the rear, the sides and more.
The system also includes a VHS video recorder, a remote microphone for sound and a 5 inch colour monitor for instant playback.


Why do we use VideoDrive?
Quite simply, the 5 inch colour monitor allows your driving instructor to playback situations that he/she wishes to highlight to you, the pupil. By being able to actually see the situation combined with the verbal explanation you will retain more information, thereby enabling you to move on to new subjects sooner which in turn takes you to test standard quicker.

Benefits to the Pupil

The recording of the lesson is absolutely FREE.

  • Instant playback for seeing situations while having them explained.
  • Unique to the individual.
  • Can watch lesson in the comfort of your own home.
  • Revising lessons keeps subjects fresh in your mind.
  • Can help with theory test preparation.
  • Increases hazard perception, awareness & anticipation.
  • Can study road & hand movements, mirror use & instructions from your instructor.
  • Can save you money by helping you to pass your driving test sooner.
  • Family & friends can watch you make progress.

The Driving Standards Agency have said that statistics show, by watching a pre-recorded training tape you will take in up to 40% of the information but when watching yourself on tape, you will take in between 70 – 75% of the information. The VideoDrive System is endorsed by the Driving Instructors Association.

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