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New! Double Intensive Course only £1297.07

All of the intensive driving courses available to you include the driving test fee at £48.50 this fee is paid directly to the DSA on your behalf when you book your course with Progress Driver Training.

No extra charge for each Lesson recorded on Video Drive System it's FREE - We do not charge for this service just bring a blank VHS video to your lessons.

Approved Driving Instructor Course (ADI) Part 1 - £497.77 Home Study Pack and includes one full day intensive in class training covering the full DSA syllabus, plus support.

(ADI) Part 2 - 10 hours recomended minimum of one to one in car driver training - £32.07 per hour.

(ADI) Part 3 - 40 hours of Instructional Training - £37.74 per hour.


Our ADI training courses provide you with a job here at Progress Driver Training!

We are a driving school expanding through Scotland to meet with demand. We are currently recruiting and have a number of Driving Instructor Vacancies in areas of demand including: Greenock, Saltcoats, Dumbarton and Paisley. We are also Recruiting a Driving Instructor Trainer in Glasgow. Contact us now with your details by email.


Description of Training Vehicles
Our cars are modern compact vehicles and are fitted with dual controls for your safety.
Our vehicles are replaced every 12 months to ensure we always have top quality new vehicles for you to learn to drive in.

20 Hours training plus test over 4 days +1



25 Hours training plus test over 5 days +1


30 Hours training plus test over 6 days +1


35 Hours training plus test over 7 days +1

40 Hours training plus test over 8 days +1


45 Hours training plus test over 9 days +1



50 Hours training plus test over 10 days +1

55 Hours training plus test over 11 days +1


60 Hours training plus test over 12 days +1


DSA Test Fees effective from
1 April 2006

Theory Test
Standard fee for all categories, from the above date this test will include a hazard Perception section. £21.50

Practical Test - Weekdays
Car and Trailer £89.00

Extended test Weekday - after disqualification
Car £97.00

Driving Tuition Price List: 


3 hours






1 or 2
hours a

hourly rate

Pass Plus

6-8 hours


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